Noti Flow

Controversial socialite Florence Kutoto popularly known as Noti Flow never ceases to find ways to stay in the news.

KHAI!!! Ratchet Socialite Pendo Beats Up Lesbian Rapper Noti Flow LIKE A DOG (VIDEO EVIDENCE)

The D list socialite, who recently quit Nairobi Diaries to improve on her music, has admitted that she isn’t strong and needs a shoulder to lean on.

Noti Flow

Noti Flow has revealed that she loves being ‘serviced’ and she likes long ‘cassavas’.

“Guess am just one of those girls that can’t afford to stay single. HAvInG thousands of people watching my every move.. ready to judge & discourage and talk shit ..I gotta hv someone by my side offering me a shoulder to cry on , make me forget about shit & make me smile. Someone am comfortable showing my crazy & crybaby side of mine coz to the world am supposed to be perfect & gangster (Like I ain’t human or something ) 😎 So hey, I can’t be single because you want me to. It’s literally impossible on my side but of course 😺 gotta be serviced real good from time to time – #longdickstyle 😂✈ That doesn’t make me any less of a Queen,” she wrote.

The has been parading a young man on social media and he seems to be the one enjoying her warmth if we were to go by the photos.

Check out photos of Noti Flow’s new bae


Noti Flow


Noti Flow


Noti Flow


Noti Flow

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