Gospel singer Kambua has finally come out to tell critics how in love she is with her tattoo.

She confessed that in the past a lot of Christians had criticized her for having it.

Kambua has a g clef musical sign as a tattoo on her left arm.


“It could be the tattoo, the hair the lipstick. I meet people who think if you’re a Christian you shouldn’t wear lipstick. THE LIST IS ENDLESS. My bottom line is that Christ meets you with grace. He met me and he didn’t say take rid of the tattoo, the trousers” She told Kiss FM’s Chito Ndhlovu

She added:

“I love my tattoo, i got it when I was in music school. It represents what I do. Not everyone will agree with it but i say confidently that God found me as I was.”

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She is currently ruling the airwaves with the song Count Your Blessing: