A city man has shocked many after confessing that he likes breast milk. The married man revealed that his wife ‘breastfeeds’ him.

He advised women to take care of their men by at least giving them breast milk.

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Sharing his story, he wrote,

When my wife gave birth she couldn’t produce milk for the baby but after sometime, she started producing more than enough. She always divides the milk for the baby and mine. I like my own breast milk hot.

Men are entitled to breast milk too and women should know that men need to be loved like babies.

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The post ignited mixed reactions and below is what online users had to say;

cheeomah_ Ah nawa oh so she’ll be breastfeeding two babies by force now😩

omo_aare Eskis (Excuse) me sir…Are u sure u are okay??

alexanderethanakex awww isn’t this romantic😍😍 can’t wait to start producing breast milk for future hubby😍😍

ceejay_lyon Breast milk actually tastes amazing but dragging your child’s own is something I can’t understand, like how can you choose breast milk over your child😂😂😂

annekadiri He said he likes his own breast milk hot🤦🤦🤦.

cute_michelle you now divide breast milk meant for your growing baby with a grown adult??? I’m so confused.

afri__touch  Mad people everywhere😂

benbills Lol God help this generation 😂.

emmanuel_kk Where are all these weird men from?

dhar_ah But I understand breast milk has no taste or have I been wrong all along?I mean what’s the fuss about breast milk?

beverly440 What happened to just drinking your beer or whiskey like men and when you get home, you can ravish the other area like men do also… What is it with breast milk? Are this men becoming babies?

preshomarh I don’t see anything wrong in men taking breast milk, i can do exclusive for him if he want😁😁😘

beau_diamond But there’s nothing wrong in this as long as the woman can produce enough for small baby and big baby