dowry woman crying

A city woman is regretting losing her virginity to a married man. In a post shared on Instagram, the young lady confessed that she slept with the man but they aren’t dating.

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I lost my virginity to a married man in January. I don’t love him but I’ll always love him for being my first love (se3). I was in a group WhatsApp and we were talking about how we lost our virginities and someone said if a married man takes your virginity you’re cursed for life.  Is this true? I’m not having an affair with the man but on February 12, we had se3 again,’ she shared online.

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Check out reactions from social media users;

petrovichpius Yea, you are, Unless you confess to his wife!!

justin.kaycee So u are more worried of a married man taking ur virginity than sleeping with someone’s husband? The truth is that most of u girls don’t actually know the curse that goes with sleeping with someone’s husband. I pray to God that I never marry a girl that have wasted her life with someone’s husband. 🤔

cyndiberrie You waited this long just to give it to someone else’s husband.

kingchidera He helped us pave the way. Now single men can strike

jumokeolowoniyan Lol… better don’t allow superstition to cripple your future. Besides, don’t sleep with him again.

i_am_olabee You are not cursed but it’s a wrong thing to do dear. Just calm down, you will still meet a single guy that will love you for you and not just your body dear

adesina496 You’re not cursed, you’re crushed👏

sueno_ovy After keeping your virginity for how long you decided to let a married man chop you 😂😂he knows you dumb that’s why he waited for one year but nothing do’s only God that can judge you

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