Mpasho Andrew Kibe

Media personality Andrew Kibe has revealed that he was at some point homeless after he quit his job at  Kiss 100 mid last year.

The controversial radio presenter, who now owns an online station Rogue Radio, in a video shared on his Instagram, he said,

‘…2020 f***d me so badly and rewarded me at the same time. Immediately I left (Kiss100) I knew the next day I would get a job. Don’t lie to yourself. That journey is long and hard. You have to beg….but I’m happy I’m still here. Rogue radio is on 24/7, one of my proudest achievement of 2020.’

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He added…

‘2020 ilikua imeniokota bruh, I lost my My Moti (car), I lost my house where I was living, I was homeless for a minute.’

Kibe, who’s known for his harsh remarks against women, used to co-host the breakfast show on NRG with Kamene Goro before moving to Kiss FM, where he lasted barely two years.

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