The artiste standing in front of one of his homes

Ringtone has revealed that he was a victim of robbery with violence at his Runda home. He reported the incident on his social media page and we called him to find out more details.

He said that he was away having a cup of coffee with Starehe MP, Jaguar when the robbers broke in. He said that when he got back to his home in Runda, his dogs had been drugged and his watchmen tied up.

Inside his Runda home in a file photo

He added that the items in his house that had been stolen included money and valuables, adding that a safety box that he had in his home had been stolen. The box, he claimed, had some crucial documents and a lot of money in it.

How much did the box contain? He was unwilling to disclose this information as he felt like Kenyans would judge him, saying that he was ‘fishing for publicity’.

The singer posing

After some prodding, he answered that he had lost between 1 and 2 million shillings. He said that the money was supposed to be used for the starving people in Turkana, after being motivated by Akothee’s actions in the county.

Akothee inTurkana

The singer said that he had called the police and that they were on their way to investigate. The saddened artiste said that he had a hunch that the robbery was an inside job, adding:

This thing has been choreographed by close friends. It could not have happened from a stranger.

The gospel artiste in his car

Ringtone has also attached an award of 1 million shillings to anyone who gives him information that leads to the arrest of the perpetrators.

Is this another stunt of his or a genuine loss for the singer? Only time and an O.B NUMBER will tell.

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