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Many couples would love to get a baby immediately after a wedding. This was not the case for a couple that had been struggling to get a baby for a long time.Well, newly wed husband hanged himself following a row with his wife following wife’s three miscarriages.

Jack, 28, and his spouse of one year Gemma were due to undergo IVF (a medical procedure whereby an egg is fertilized by sperm in a test tube or elsewhere outside the body) after she suffered three miscarriages.

But just three days before they were due to start the course, the couple – who had just celebrated their first wedding anniversary – had a row following which she blocked his calls and text messages.

Jack was later found dead at his mother’s home.Inquiries revealed that, in the hours before the tragedy, he had gone to watch football.

Videos of him recorded on the night of the match show him looking ‘so happy’ and singing and cheering – but tests showed he had been taking cocaine.

He married in July 2017 at a posh wedding and soon began trying for a baby.

The wife said in a statement that:

‘We had a whirlwind romance. Jack had a little boy called Archie with his ex-girlfriend and we saw him a lot. He proposed to me and we got married. We had a few ups and downs, we were trying for a baby.

‘In February 2018 we lost a baby and Jack left home for three days and would not answer my calls or texts. On July 3, 2018 we argued again and he called me names and checked my phone.

‘I told him he had no right. I said something like ‘go get it out your system’ and told him to come back when we were on the same wavelength.

‘I met him in the pub though and he seemed happy to see me. When we were leaving, I told him that my brother was angry about the way he had been treating me. He was really angry and just went back into the pub.

‘I spoke to him the following morning and we argued. I spent the day with a friend and wanted to clear my head for a bit. I didn’t find out that he died until I turned my phone on at about 11pm. 

Just three days before the couple were due to start a course of IVF, they had an argument

‘He never gave any indication that he would harm himself. We had only just celebrated our first wedding anniversary and were hoping to start our own family.’

Jack’s mother Michelle told the hearing:

‘Jack was a lovely person. He was very popular and kind-hearted. He worked hard and had many friends.

‘He was a massive part of our family. We were always together, all of us. He was a great dad. I did not think he had any problems with his mental health whatsoever. He was a smiley, happy person.

‘He got married to Gemma about a year before he died. They had been arguing, they were due to start IVF on the Saturday. Gemma had three miscarriages so there was quite a lot of stress.

‘But the arguments were nothing more than you would expect. He had just won a massive contract at work. Everything was going great. He only drank alcohol socially at weekends like any other 28-year-old.’

The newlywed husband hanged himself in July 2018 while trying for a baby with his wife

‘He said he was already at the pub with some friends watching the England match but said that his suitcase was at my house for good. It was about 8 o’clock when I told him to make his own way home.

‘I rang after the game to see if he wanted picking him but he didn’t pick up. There are videos of him that evening when they had won and was singing and cheering, he looks so happy.

‘When I got up for work the next morning I looked in the bedroom and he was not there. I had been calling him all morning and got through to him in the afternoon, he just said he had stayed at a friend’s house.

‘He sounded tired but nothing that I would not expect. He spoke to his sister on the phone as well, I just told him to get some rest.

‘I got home from work at about 6pm. I went into the bedroom and the bed looked like it was quite messed up as though someone had been on it but he was not there. Then I found him in the bathroom.’

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