DJ Evolve

A Kenyan tweep visited DJ Evolve – real name Felix Orinda – yesterday and took to Twitter to update his followers.

DJ Evolve was shot on the neck by Embakasi East MP Babu Owino.

Going by the Twitter handle @_MrAbraham, he wrote,

“At Nairobi Hospital. Checking on DJ Evolve’s progress. God is faithful.”

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Abraham updated his followers on DJ Evolves condition.

“We went into the Critical Care Unit ward with Felix’s (DJ Evolve’s) mother to see his son. I’m moved. I couldn’t weep but pray in happiness.He has shown great response to treatment after the spinal surgery he had on Sunday. Let others say God isn’t there, as for me, HE’S POWERFUL.”

He continued,

“I have looked at the support medical machines aiding his recovery, the beeps are so positive. His mother was (is) very happy to see us. All I had to do was to pray for this strong young man. I watched him through the glass. I could see his legs move. He’d lost that sense earlier.”

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Abraham was upbeat and optimistic about DJ Evolve’s recovery.

He tweeted, “DJ Evolve is showing signs or regaining normalcy in the future after this atrocious act that was imposed on life. Felix is a strong guy.

I’m seeing this being one of the greatest miracles of the 21st century in Kenya.The glow on his mama’s face was magical. God is one of wonders.”

Adding, “I’m optimistic that when I’ll be here next time, we will laugh with this strong fella as we discuss matters of economic development. And maybe make for us one hell of a mixtape.

Out of respect, I didn’t take a photo of him. My conscience couldn’t allow me. It would be inhumane.”

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