Man crying

A Nigerian man has set Twitter abuzz after he narrated how the woman he loved left him for another man.

The man, identified as Nwioke Oma, explained how he had hopes of marrying her and she even told him: ‘ I live and breathe for you.’

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He tweeted:

I dated a girl for a year then found out she was engaged to another man. I  didn’t confront her because I knew I wasn’t ready for that. I asked her one day will you ever leave me? Will I be enough for you? She looked me in the eye and said, ‘I live and breathe for you’.

3 months later she got married.

He added:

I will tell you this, despite the fact that “oxygen finished” i never and will never stop believing in love.
Love is amazing
Love is life
Love is beautiful..
Believe. 😘

The man says all is not lost for him and he still believes in love.

Seriously though, it gives me the chill and comfort at the same time to see that I ain’t alone in this.

He admitted that this was the worst moment of his life.

One of the most painful sh*t of my life.

Netizens’ reactions included:

Teewhy: I’m happy to see you can talk about it now. Life goes on, and we thrive after all!

Unulliedramy: I once told my friend I loved her, she told me she has feelings for my friend
They’re dating now

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Joseph Azania: At least you knew you were warming her up for another man… When she left, it wasn’t as painful as it should have been if you didn’t know the truth at all. You will get a better one next time, never give up.

Farell: And always we men are pigeons holed as the liars in the relationship. Obviously, it’s a two way street.
Tills Ficeburg: chill up bro. for a whole year, you legit had a fair share of her puna. You’re a man just move on. You’ve got nothing to lose

Savage Lord: Bro you are the most patient person I know, the moment she opened her mouth to spew all those lies, I will pee in it. Like the effrontery to even lie with her life.

Steph: I live and breathe for u? Lol that was your cue

Kene Ebido: So much empathy towards your tweet Nwoke oma, I’ve got a very similar experience to yours and believe me it’s tough and heartbreaking.

Grey Sammy: Bro, you’re very strong I swear.

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