shaffie-weru. photo credit: file

From the story of his burglary, Shaffie Weru has made it clear that he was on vacation and so his house was empty. He does not live with his baby mama nor his daughter Nia.

He explains he came from his vacay and found all his electronics other than his fridge and microwave. Other than the electronics, good’s worth millions including his shoes, caps, belts, watches and all his colognes were stolen.

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Shaffie Weru

When asked whether he reported to the police, he said:

as for the cops i don’t know if they are chasing or investigating but i have moved on

He said he has taken up measures to avoid such a situation to ever happen for he is not moving from his complex. He has installed cameras and he got the help of one, Peter who is the MD at Radar security for free alarm installation.

Upon asking if he had any witnesses and if the askaris  were present, he said:

the askaris mysteriously didn’t see a thing so how the thugs carried a 70 inch TV and the rest of the STUFF IS still magic to  me

This was a first time for him but he said it was time to buy new sh**t anyway!

At the end his statement was:

i have officially forgiven the men and i have moved on