Kiss FM presenter Jalang’os says he was laughed at when his dad was unable to raise the money for him to go to college like his peers.

As they say, a problem shared is a problem half solved, so the Presenter shared his experience on the Morning Kiss with Kamene Goro

“Immediately after high school, we were like 50-100 young men who had completed schoolm and they went to college and I was left. Most of the time, I would hide knowing that my dad was not able to take me to college. It got to a point where the pain was so much.”


“Me and a few friends decided to go and be fishermen. We were laughed at because education was the only way. You are here with people who have never gone to school and that even depressed us even more”

But here we are, people go through tough time.


Jalango did this to encourage anybody going through hard time that it’s going to be okay.