Otile Otile-Vera Sidika

If Mpasho.co.ke was to award the celebrities who kept us entertained this year, we would for sure award Vera Sidika and Otile Brown.

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown
In the past

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The two started dating early this year and we thought that they would have a white million dollar wedding, but unfortunately, they broke up six months later.

Otile and Sidika later reignited their love but barely a week, they broke up and this time it was super ugly. They took to social media to insult each other.

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The ugly break up saw them trend online for days and they both seem to have moved on. Otile has been doing great in his music career while the bootylicious socialite has been on the move hosting events and trying to stabilize her salon business.

Otile Brown

Well, Otile shared a post on his Instagram talking about a secret admirer who keeps stalking him. He wrote;

I know you’re my secret admirer. Even though you ain’t following me but you stalk me all the time.

Many have speculated that he was referring to his ex Vera Sidika who unfollowed him after the nasty break up.

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