Nelson Lotela baringo mca

A Baringo MCA who was reported missing on Sunday has narrated his ordeal as he receives treatment at Kabarak University Health Centre.

Nelson Lotela of Silale Ward was allegedly abducted by unknown people at 4pm on Sunday near Nginyang river in Tiaty Sub-County.

The four alleged abductors later dumped him in a maize plantation were he was found by good samaritans on Monday morning.

The MCA told reporters that he had left his home at around 3pm headed to Chemolingot where stayed up to around 5pm.

On his way to Nginyang, the MCA said a double cabin car followed him closely.

“At the junction, we lost the car for it to resurface at the bridge, four fully armed youth dressed in t-shirts stormed out and forced me and my driver out of our car after they blocked us,” Lotela said.

He said his tormentors kicked him and slapped him in the face, tied his hands and bundled him in the boot of the car.

“They drove headed to Mogotio and on the way at Marigat stopped, took me out of the car while blind folded and forced me to lie down,” he said.

The Baringo MCA said the carjackers while conversing in Kalenjin and Kikuyu dialect again bundled him in the boot and proceeded to Kabarak where they took him out of the car and ordered him to kneel.

“At this point I knew they were going to kill me. While kneeling I waited to hear them coke the guns but after five minutes heard the cars leave. I quietly waited to hear someone speak but to my surprise when I opened my eyes, they had all left. I crawled and hold my self to a fence,’ he said.

Nelson Lotela baringo mca

Kidnapped in broad daylight! Baringo MCA Nelson Lotela missing after alleged abduction

On Monday morning, passersby found him lying in a maize plantation and took him to Kabarak University Health Centre where he is receiving treatment.

The doctor attending to him told journalists that a “weak and exhausted” Lotela was received at the facility at around 8am.

The doctor, however, ruled out any drugging or sedation saying the exhaustion was as a result of lack of water and food.

“Mheshimiwa was brought here by good samaritans who said they had found him in a plantation. We have attended to him and he is recuperating well. He looked so tired, weak and exhausted,” the doctor said.

He added, “Though he had no physical injuries, we have established soft tissue injuries, he has neck pains, shoulder pains and pains in the thigh. His clothes were also torn”.

In May last year, Churo-Amaya MCA Thomas Minito went missing.

The MCA had been accused of inciting bandits to execute attacks in the volatile Kerio Valley.

He was linked to the banditry attacks at Kuki Gullmann’s Mukutan Nature Conservancy in Laikipia on March 30.

Minito was later found dead after missing for five days.

His body was found dumped in Ol Donyo Sabuk river in Machakos where lawyers Willie Kimani and his clients were dumped.

They said the body had visible head, neck and hand injuries, indications that the victim may have been strangled to death.