Andrew Kibe

Media personalities Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe are bold.

These two are never afraid of speaking their minds and call a spade a spade.

If you happen to cross their paths, poor you. Willy Paul, Huddah Monroe, and Joe Muchiri can attest to this.

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Xtian Dela once again had a chat with Kamene and Andrew and this time round, it was fire!

He shared photos of local celebrities both male and female and gave the two only three options to choose from;  smash, marry or kill.

The first set was Khaligraph Jones, Jalang’o and Eric Omondi

Khaligraph-Jalang'o- Eric

We’re killing Eric Omondi…marry Jalang’o because he’s awesome and smash Khaligraph,’ Kamene said.

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Kibe on the other hand said.

If I was a single woman desperate from Roysambu and that question was posed to me,

I would kill Eric because he is like a remixer I have no respect for him. 

I would marry Khaligraph because he has shown us he’s a family man. I will be leaving him with the kid to take care off and take selfies.

Smash Jalng’o because he has a lot to prove. He’s wearing new shoe every day. This guy can rarua anything anytime anywhere.

Akothee, Huddah Monroe and Vera Sidika

I would kill Akothee because she showed us her d’ubz’ porn is not for dark people it’s for lightskin.

Smash Huddah I know Kamene hates her just for that… Huddah I love you

Marry Vera because deep down she’s dark skin. Dark skins make good homes.

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Kamene’s turn she said.

I would marry Akothee because she would make a good husband.

I would kill Huddah for obvious  reasons

I would smash Vera.


Another category Willy Paul, Joe Muchiri Jaymo Yule Msee

Kamene said, ‘I would smash Joe Muchiri and marry Jaymo’.

I would kill Willy Paul because my first encounter with him was terrible. He was very disrespectful.

Kibe also gave his comment and he said, ‘If I was a lady from Jogoo road [Eastlands] I would smash Willy Pozze and marry Jaymo because he’s a faithful man.

Kill Joe Muchiri.

Explaining his reason he said,

how many voiceovers has he [Joe Muchiri] done? how fast can he run 100m?

He added;

There’s nothing as disrespectful as someone who doesn’t know.. telling someone who doesn’t know that that’s wrong.

He explained why he doesn’t like Muchiri, saying,

I called him one day for a job and he told me unless you’re paying me 700k…

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Below is the video