If you thought the many stories we’ve heard about women breastfeeding their husbands are wrong, read the story below

“I just gave birth last month and my husband still sucks my breast, he likes breast milk and he sucks to the extent that my baby has nothing to eat. If I complain he threatens me with cheating. I feel very uncomfortable and irritated.

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When I am breastfeeding my baby and he comes to put his mouth on my other breast. Sometimes I will just pull my baby out and allow him. Sometimes because of the love I have for my child, I will quickly extract it and put in a feeding bottle before he gets back so my child can have something to eat. I have complained to his mum and she said It is his breast and he has paid for it.

I really need to know if it is any , side effect to this ? I can’t tell my doc because my husband will kill me . He likes boobs but I never knew it would affect my child . You see him sweating once he sees my boobs full, he Will just jump on me like a cat. Help me I need advise.”

This story has shocked many and here is the advice they had to offer to the stressed up woman

 Nancy: Please feed them both and don’t complain

Alpha: He needs deliverance

Becca: Breast milk can never finish unless you wean your baby off it. Allow the man suck and his baby suck too. If you cant cope. Express that of the baby before hand and give to the baby while you allow him suck. Marriage has its own down sides. He likes your breast and that’s what he wants. Give him!!!!. Most men would avoid their wife after delivery yours is still all over you are you are complaining. Smh!

Gram: This very bad and irritating. What kind of a man will be dragging food with his baby? I have been hearing of this but I think it’s getting too much, such men are irresponsible. Tho some good analysts said it doesn’t have side effects but what about the woman? Is she ok with it?

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Maiyaki: Have never heard of this before. It’s actually his Brest but for the sake of the baby, come on.
Louisa: You married a selfish and wicked person, And his mother is supporting her son.  It’s now time you start supporting your own child and protect the child, your child can not be sharing milk with his useless father because nobody shared his milk on his own time……… If he wants to cheat let him go ahead and don’t rather than turning your own child into future imbecile and zombie just because you married a useless demonic devil.

Dolla: Its normal now for some guys,its probably a turn on for him u only have to manage it just add formula method milk n water to weaning so your baby won’t have to lack food. Exclusive is not by force

Dave: There are no side effects sucking even helps to reduce the risk of breast cancer, but uncle let baby eat now… Do you want your baby to be malnourished and grow up dull Instead of intelligent? This is an easy issue madam it shouldn’t irritate you and Mr man reduce and let baby eat…

Thoni: What sort of men do we have these days!

Kiki: Madam, sit your husband down and have a discussion with him. Your baby should not starve. Both of you should plan how to manage the rationing.

Obi: Your baby’s food? You and your husband are crazy.

Tasha: His mum didn’t breastfeed him well abi?that’s why he’s still taking breast milk

Charles: Any man that threatens you with cheating is already cheating. You better feed your child and ignore grown mumu.

Lola: Oya let him come n suck here??. Since u have started complaining???

Peter: This man is even greedy to his own child, his threats mean nothing, cause he can’t have sex with you now till after some months, he knows what he wants to do, or doing sef, by telling you he will means he’s been on it… You had better stop him from this act cause of your ?…..