grace msalame

Grace Msalame has said making a career change has been a “daring” move that brought on “fear”.

The voluptuous beauty is known for posting motivational and inspiring posts and this admission is rare in most of her posts.

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She open up by quoting Soren Kierkegaard, “To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. Not to dare is to lose oneself”

“That statement in many ways has been my truth for the most part of the year as I jumped into new territory very unfamiliar with what it would look like yet only to find myself in the process & allow for my Purpose to lead the way. Fear was there all through, many moments when the past seemed ‘safer’ than this adventure but it’s in the adventure that we truly discover what we’re made of.”

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grace msalameGrace continued, “So like Steve Harvey said, ‘When you jump your parachute won’t take off immediately but when it does there’s just no looking back!’ So doing it afraid is pretty much feeling the fear & doing it anyway! Having low days & sticking it out! Constantly remembering to be courageous which means to act from the heart – where your treasure lies & your treasure should determine what you decide to do with your life & how you prioritize it.”

The media personality then advises her fans that “Your Faith, Purpose, Passion, Family shouldn’t factor in last but should guide the decision & when you find it- do it & do it consistently! Consistency naturally communicates who you are & sets you apart- so keep doing it for what we do authentically automatically navigates our way towards our natural tribe & it also allows for the purpose to fully manifest. You see where there is purpose there is provision, so as long as you’re intentionally seeking it out- the provision will find it’s way to you & the peace it comes with will sustain you because when the Why is Clear… The how is easy.”

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Check out her fans reactions to the message.

Janepoline Njagi: always speaking to my life Grace Msalame this is exactly what i need to hear at this very moment. thank you.

Livingstone Alushula: Meaning if you expect to win, you must get into the game/field and participate. Thanks sis… 

Njenga Willo: #Word. My pop told me this once, your purpose (vision) will always make a way for you. Once you take the first step into it, the resources will suddenly follow.

Patty Nimmoh: Grace I used to serve u in ngong hyper uchumi with ur mummy n little sister at the mpesa u r my inspiration up to now

Laip Lass: You look young in that photo kwani umeloose weight…atleast unakaa miaka yako kwa hii photo

Lydia Gitz Zippy: Grace Msalame… i will never forget your words ‘do it afraid’ I clearly walk with those words..God bless you!!