Otile Brown vs Vera Sidika

Otile Brown has released yet another club banger Hit and Run featuring Khaligraph. In the song, Otile sings about a lady he loved, invested in her but she later dumped him. Many are speculating he’s referring to his ex-lover Vera Sidika.

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He says he was so heartbroken and reveals since then he is team ‘hit and run’.

His lyrics goes like;

Usinione sijatulia
Nimeshapitia mengi
Nilimpenda yule dem
Nika invest vi centi

Akaniacha mataani
Akaondoka na fulani
Aki ya Mungu niliumia
Aki ya Mungu niliumia

Now I Hit and Run
Hit and Run
I Hit and Run
Hit and Run

Kanifanya nikalia
I’mma Hit and Run
I’mma Hit

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Otile Brown goes ahead to reveal that he loved this woman so much but she never felt the same for him.

Vile nina Boss yea
Vile ninatesa say
Crib nina castle
Hawa madem ninakata say

Oh baby this could be us
But you throw it all away
But you throw it all away

Tena uliniliza wewe
Nilidhani unanipenda
Tena uliniliza I’m tired of believing
Nilidhani unanipenda

Now I Hit and Run.

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Hit and Run is one of the 10 songs in his Just in love album.