Woman crying

A city slay queen is crying for help after her boyfriend threatened to dump her. She infected her boyfriend with herpes.

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She took to social media to ask for advice.

I infected my boyfriend with herpes and he’s threatening to break up with me. I didn’t know I was infected at first until I remembered my ex-lover, who infected me.

I’m planning to go and meet my ex and ask him why he infected me. I really love my current boyfriend and he has already proposed to me. He was planning to meet my parents this Christmas but he wants to cancel everything. What do I do to save my relationship and how can I get rid of herpes?

Below are some of the comments from online users;

houseofbieksfittings Are u sure he wasn’t even the one who infected you

apiyoesther He doesn’t love you if he wants to break up over an infection you had before you met him. Tell him to fuck off, stop looking desperate, he’ll come back begging.

istlady Wow!! he should forgive you and marry you since both of you are now carrier to avoid spreading the disease.

angiedeevah So you were still sleeping with your ex eh…

garvinmartin Babe you can’t tell us you didn’t not know you aren’t infected with herpes you did it deliberately your wicked and you know as herpes matter be may God help you

gechi_gexh Sorry about it. I think you should see a doc first

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opeyemmy Why do you want to go and meet your ex?it’s unnecessary, just go to the hospital

lizzybanji You can’t save a relationship all by yourself. It takes two to save a relationship. No matter what you do, if he’s no longer interested, nothing you do would change anything. He has said he no longer wants to be with you anymore, explain to him that this is not as a result of cheating, the Herpes virus can be dormant in the body for a while. It doesn’t mean you cheated or you don’t love him. But if he still refuses… Let him go aunty. P. S – There is no cure for Herpes. However, there are medicines that can prevent or shorten outbreaks. One of these anti-herpes medicines can be taken daily, and makes it less likely that you will pass the infection on to your sex partner(s).

lashee Bitch you infected him with an incurable disease and you still seeking mercy 😞😞 If I stone you

shewritemn Both of you should better marry each other, don’t come and spread this shit🙄

iambako If you have HIV now current boyfriend for don get am … if u see people that are infected with HIV/STD are people who are in a serious relationship because u put ur trust on one Motherfucker

mhz__slimzy The reason why God said don’t fornicate, he was only protecting us

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