Betty Kyallo and her mother

Betty Kyallo’s mother Julia is very protective of her popular daughter. The mother of four has always been there for her daughter. In a candid interview with Churchill Show, where Betty Kyallo’s journey to stardom was highlighted, the media personality mum’s spoke highly of her.

‘…she doesn’t look at negative things. She focuses only on the positive things. she has been very good,’ she said.

Betty Kyallo

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Julia recalled how Betty was involved in an accident that changed her physical appearance.

‘When she was in from three, she had a bad accident which broke her collar bone and it was so bad. I used to cry although I could not show her. She used to ask me ‘mummy iko aje..’  She was in Kenyatta hospital for one and a half years and she’s a fighter. She is a nice girl even at school she was always good. She’s a miracle,’ she narrated.

She went ahead to reveal that the mother of two has scars from two different accidents.

When Betty was three years, our househelp accidentally poured hot tea on her. she was okay after sometime.

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Her dream is that Betty marries a good man.

‘so I hope even in future nobody beats her, that’s my worry. should not get a husband who will beat her because everything is on her face…’ she said.

In March 2019 during an interview with Jalang’o on Upclose, Betty’s mum said she warned her about her failed relationships but she didn’t hear.

‘Nilimwarn sometime back but she didn’t listen and vitu zilikuja kuharibika.’

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