Gospel singer turned contemporary artiste Willy Paul has spoken out about his son, King Damian.

He has revealed that his son with a lady only identified as Mali Queen is now one year old.

In a recent interview with Milele FM, the Shado Mado hitmaker who has been making headlines for being linked to Nandy and Alaine revealed that he is a father and he keeps this information private to protect his family.

“I have a child, he is now 12 months old. His name is King Damian; by that name alone he is already a star,” he stated.

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Asked if a wedding is in the offing, Willy Paul was cagey saying, “I like keeping such details private.”

In the past, Willy Paul had also stated categorically what he thinks of marriage:

Marry a beautiful woman…gain praise from your friends. But cry every night in your own house.

Adding, “I’m not in love, although I know how to compose love songs. Women are difficult to deal with. It is not me but life has taught me; I don’t believe in love.”

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In the past, Mali Queen has always protected her territory.  She even told off slay queens and groupies to stay the (expletive) away from her man.

Yah’ll ladies he’s Fully taken and soon will be walking down the aisle with the Mother to his Most Adorable son #KingDamian…Keep away ladies don’t bring him temptations

Willy Paul was asked if he will create an Instagram page for his son.

He said, “I do not have time for petty fame; because you can never be sure if, when the child grows up, he/she would want that kind of lifestyle.”

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