Grace-Ekirapa and DJ Mo
Grace-Ekirapa and DJ Mo

Grace Ekirapa, who is DJ MO’s co-host on the TV show Cross Over 101, has said she has not been able to talk to him since the infidelity scandal hit him.

DJ Mo is alleged to have had an affair with a lady identified as Margaret Wanyama.

The father of two has been away from the screens for reasons unknown to the public.

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Speaking during an interview with Massawe Japanni, Grace said

“I haven’t spoken to him and to be honest. It’s been hard for me to get to him.

My phone calls haven’t been going through.

I know it’s been difficult for him and I think when he is ready he will talk to me.

Meanwhile the show has been going on without him but that’s the management’s decision.” Ekirapa revealed

She was also for the idea that DJ Mo should be given a second chance, as we all make mistakes.

“What I will have to say is, when you get saved you won’t stop sinning, you can’t be perfect but there will be consequences.

We make mistakes. DJ Mo is an amazing guy and if there’s a chance of working with him again, I would love that.” She added.


We can only wait and see if DJ Mo will be back on air.

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