Winnie with her father

ODM leader Raila Odinga is back home from the hospital after he tested positive for Covid-19 a few days ago.

Raila posted a video on social media exercising, wearing a full tracksuit, a cap and a mask on, while his daughter Winnie, could be heard in the background talking to him.

Raila Odinga exercising
Raila Odinga exercising

‘How are you feeling after all those days?’ she asked.

‘It’s wonderful. It feels so nice to be back home…It was like a prison back there. It’s nice to breathe the fresh air and at least see nature,’ he responded.

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The conversation between the two went on for a few minutes and the bold lastborn told her dad,

‘Haha you were like a lepper. I have to keep my distance from you. Good to have you back dad.’

The former PM also revealed that he will be in self-isolation until further notice.

Glad to be back home. I’ll be strictly self-isolating until further notice.

Messages from Baba’s fans include;

Matara Ongaga Baba is fine and kicking well

Sadio Kariuki No body can stop reggae 😁😁

Phineas Muguna We are happy. Qr jakom

Nicholas Gitari God Is Good…Baba is home

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Wacera Wa Muruga We thank God for you Baba….take lots of water n above all pray n pray n pray

George Kileyia Quick recovery baba, GOD receive healing in Jesus mighty name.

John Onyango Looks strong and energetic all glory to God.

Mary Kigwa Wow! Praise the Lord Am grateful for your recovery
Keep safe