Akothee wants nothing to do with poverty and she has proven that with all the hard work she puts into all her endeavours.

She has even been put on bedrest because of fatigue a couple of times. Akothee is a hardworking woman as she has shown us her various hustles including her tour company and even her farming skills.

Another thing she has put out there is that you should always treat your employees well, I mean they are human beings and you leave them handling your work and most importantly, your money.


As much as one treats their employees well, some employees take their jobs for granted and Akothee is pissed. She always takes to social media with her rants because as she said she believes her social media pages are a platform to speak to many.

There is food in my homes only when I am present, when I travel and turn my back for one home for less than 3 months , everything goes back to zero, by the time I am back, not even one leaf of vegetable! ( mama tutumie pesa tunakufa njaa ! There is water electricity and more than enough land not forgetting good climate ! I have allowed my employees to make extra money from the farms other than depending on salary alone! I personally work my arse off from Monday to Monday, chasing every single dollar yet I got everything! People come to me with so many ideas and proposals thinking either I am stupid or naive! The most disgusting part is when they even try make advances at me like ( out of their insane mind thinking I am desperate for a husband!, THIS IS ANNOYING 🙄🙄!”


She went ahead to express her frustration at the youngsters who are eager to ask for jobs but when they get the job, they are reluctant to work hard and keep calling her for money.

Fisi tibim! Akothee exposes a thirsty man asking to be her boy toy on the DM

Seeing as this generation is a microwave generation, most people say millennials just want things in a snap.

Whats going on with the youths!) Well the first thing I do, I give you opportunity to try run/ supervise either of my homes for at least 3 months before we venture into any further investments , 🙄🙄🙄 they ran away in less than a month ! All I hear from Monday to Monday is money money money money ! I have been running this homes on my own not able to get a loyal manager ! Then you say there are no jobs in Kenya? You call me for money I have worked for while you are enjoying life ! You catch feelings when I don’t contribute to your financial needs ! Do you know I work too much for me to maintain my status! Don’t you think I got bills to pay too ! Don’t you think I have relatives people dying around me too ! Have I ever asked you to contribute! If I have to give out what all I have then I have to work 4 times what I am doing right now ! Today I woke up a very sad woman !YOUTHS ARE LOOKING FOR READY MONEY ! EASY LIFE ! OHH SO SORRY FOR THE UNFORTUNATE

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