JB Masanduku and Tina Kaggia
JB and Tina Kaggia in the past

JB Masanduku says he has been denied access to his children by ex-wife Tina Kagia.

Masanduku and Tina Kaggia had two children when they separated in 2017 after a 2014 civil ceremony at the Attorney General’s chambers.

Speaking to Word Is, he said the fallout hurt his career.

“That is the reason I have not been focusing on doing comedy, ’cause I sit and wonder why I should make people happy yet am unhappy,” he said.

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JB Masanduku

 Talking about his love life, he said,

“We divorced officially. Divorce is always ugly, but I thank God she was mature about it,” he said.

JB Masanduku Tina weddingins
JB and Tina Kagia in the past

JB has since moved on, but he is still hurting because he does not meet up with his children.

“I have not been granted access for a year now by Tina Kaggia, although I support them through insurance. This has affected me, and that is why I have not been in the industry for a while. God is good, though,” he said.

JB and Tina in the past
JB and Tina in the past

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JB says he is psychologically affected.

“I am hopeful that I will see them,” he said. Asked if the two communicate, JB said, “I rarely talk to her because she prefers not to talk to me, although I would prefer court guys to be cordial about it because of my children.”

Tina Kaggia
Tina Kaggia. photo credit: instagram/ Tina Kaggia

His message to any parent who denies the other parent access to their kids is,

“Eventually, it will affect the kid’s life, and once they are 18 years, the government allows them to come to look for their fathers, so it is just fair for them to know that it was their mum or dad who denied access to the other,” he said.

Asked why he is not granted access, JB said,

“That, I do not know, but I am a cool person and I do not want to start battles that I will not be able to finish.”

When Word Is reached out to Tina, she laughed at the allegations and hung up.

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