She is a celibacy campaign champion! I’m talking about Sara Nanaa now known by the street moniker Lady Nanaa. The Kenyan female artiste and event organizer has been very vocal in advocating for “not having sex” till the right time. Abstinence.

Word making numerous rounds is that Lady Nanaa who has spent soooo much effort abstaining is heavy with child.

Talking exclusively with Mpasho to clear the air on this matter, Nanaa, as sexy as she is, revealed a lot about herself especially her celibacy life. So is she pregnant?

‘No its not true…You Know I have Gained A bit Of Weight…Even Me I Was Shocked To Get The News…Guys Calling Me Asking About That But No Its Not True…”

The Kikaragosi hit maker told Mpasho that she was shocked after blogs had it that she was heavily pregnant and NO she is NOT pregnant! Atleast not for now. So, when was the last time you had sex?

“I Cant Recall But Its Been a while….Its Been A year Now…”

You might be asking yourself how Nanaa has kept herself pure all this time, by that I mean not having sex for a whole freaking year, well, she got to reveal to Mpasho how she fights all these temptations;

“Hahahahahaaaaaaaa……For Me its Not Something That Is Permanent Its Something That is Temporary…Untill The Right Time Comes…So For Me Untill That Right Time…”

You know celibacy is not easy for someone who is dating right? So after asking her who she was dating, the singer then told Mpasho that was a bit private but would later reveal she was very single. So team Mafisi, there you have it, Nanaa is up for grabs!

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