Underwear on a hanging line

Being in a relationship is healthy. You learn a lot about yourself and your partner and prepare for marriage.

In the course of the relationship,  there are things you can do and others you would prefer not to.
For example, if you’re a lady, never propose to your man, help him pay your dowry or even pay his bills. Let him work hard. Mwanaume ni kujikaza.

Some women go the extra mile for their boyfriends and play the role of a wife to a man who hasn’t put a ring on her finger yet. From doing house chores to even washing his underwear.

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Anyway, if you want to please him, you can do whatever you wish. After all, love is blind.

I asked Kenyans whether they would wash their partner’s underwear and the reactions were hilarious.

A married man said;

It’s not a big deal. I don’t find it an issue. Washing your wife’s or her washing yours is okay so long as you don’t force them. It should be something that comes out naturally and it even nurtures the love in the house. Both of you must be people who observe hygiene.

Another strongly said he can’t.

Even if she has broken limbs I can’t. Have underwear run out of stock from the shops?

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Below is the video of the different reactions to the question of washing your partner’s underwear: