Abel Amunga

Abel Amunga, father to Ruth Matete and a thespian has cleared the air to his fans who think he is like the characters he plays in various TV roles.

Speaking to Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo, Abel said the main challenge is when his fans mistake him for being the person they see on set.

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He says that although acting has been good for him there are challenges that he has faced in his career.

‘I am enjoying my career so much although there are challenges where people expect you to be like an MCA.

Every time they come to you they expect you to help them. There are so many expectations. For those who have seen me on TV, stereotypes about my roles in the programme stick with them. There are those who think I drink alcohol but I have never taken alcohol.

They judge me wrongly according to my roles. 

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Abel is 57 years old and he says the secret is eating healthy.

Asked on whether he will marry again, Abel said;

I do not want to swear that I will not get married. If God brings a good person in my life I will marry again.

He is currently in different programmes among them Selina.

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