Everyone is talking about the viral video that shows the execution of a notorious street gang that has been terrorising Nairobi residents.

Scary Video of a Motorist Being Robbed at Gun Point in Nairobi Yesterday

One journalist who has gone through a grueling 4-hour carjacking experience narrated his ordeal. After the debate flared up online on whether the police did good in shooting the gangster in cold blood.

Dominic Wabala

Dominic Wabala a crime and investigations reporter for Nation penned the experience on his social media page.

I have been a victim of robbery in Nairobi twice and it is not funny. One evening at about 8pm, I drove into Madaraka estate to deliver rent to my landlady. As I was getting out of the car, I heard a click of a gun. I looked up straight into the muzzle of a gun. Then the passenger door was yanked open by another gangster. My fifteen year old Seiko wristwatch, wallet containing Sh50k and a newly purchased Nokia N90 were the first to be grabbed. I was forced to climb into the back seat (I have never understood how a big me fit between the seats that my kids struggle through). In the backseat I found two others who sandwiched me. One of the carjackers took control of my car. Then started my four hour ordeal with the gangsters who used my car with myself captive to rob over 30 people.Events of my life replayed through my head as I recalled my wife lamenting that I wasn’t spending enough time with the kids. I have never feared for my life like i did in those four hours. We drove all over Nairobi on their robbery mission.

Nairobi Carjackers Try To Steal Bulletproof BMW And Fail (VIDEO)

Nothing was spared from supermarkets, chemists, passengers alighting from matatus and careless residents who had left their gates open. One amateurish thug who was on my right keep fiddling with a pistol whose magazine fell out twice. Thinking of my newly born second child, I pleaded with him not to play with the gun because it could discharge and kill us. The ‘commander eventually snatched the pistol from him. Fearing that I would be a victim of a police/robbers shoot out, I pleaded with the gangsters to let me go because by then the car’s registration would have been circulated.Their leader agreed with me and assured me that my life would be spared because I had been cooperative. Shortly before midnight as they we driving to Jonathan Ngeno estate off Langata road, they spotted a police patrol car in which were officers the robbers knew. After brief chase, the gangsters jumped out of the moving car and I was abandoned in the car that then rolled into a ditch. I too jumped out and abandoned the car. Fearing being mistaken for the robbers, I literally crawled back to the police car and informed them that I was a victim of the carjacking. I begged them for a phone to call the then PPO Kingori Mwangi who assisted me through the ordeal. On police radio Kingori announced that I had been rescued and the car released back to me. My friends I had left in the bar four hours earlier, were shocked at my dirty appearance when I sauntered in and ordered for a beer to steel my nerves. You can only understand if you fall victim.