Njugush makes our days with his funny videos on social media and many comedians have picked up the skill of posting short comedic videos on social media. George Kimani who works hand-in-hand with Seth Gor has started posting short comedic videos alongside Pascal Tokodi posing as the normal Nairobi slay queens.

They may have just rubbed Njugush the wrong way this time. They did a short video saying the heavy rains have bebad Njugush basically just mocking him for his small size. He reposted the video and warned Pascal and George that all actions have consequences. Their consequence is that the mater is now a police case and other than that, he will send in gangsters to clobber the two of them.

Njugush explains to his wife why he did not get her a valentines gift



I have instructed my lawyers to take up this matter and induce (so that they deliver) a court injunction to get this two idiots to pay for the damages caused, further I have instructed my manager to organise a gang to clobber them seriously, a handshake won’t work here, kindly let no one tag this two here or else you’ll be sued twice “sue sue”