South Africa based Ugandan Socialite and businesswoman, Zari Hassan, is not one to lie down and let critics walk all over her.

She has clapped back at them after they pointed out that she has gained a lot of weight.

Well, Zari explained to her haters saying,

“I have heard some females who are 5kgs say I am fat. We’ve been in lock-down for five months going six, and we couldn’t go anywhere or do anything. We just had to stay in, have you ever been locked up in a house for five months going six it becomes so crazy.”

She continued,

“The only place you go to is the fridge, kitchen cooking and the living room. Plus, it was South Africa winter there was no place to go for a swim or walk.”

Zari explained that the weight gain is not permanent.

“I used to work out but it’s now five months, it’s so easy to put on weight, and it’s easy for me to lose weight.”

She then advised,

“I’m the one who is putting on the weight, you are the one who is having a headache, I don’t understand how? I’m not really sure what I’m suppose to say. It is what it is.”

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