Media personality Anita Nderu has revealed she has been suffering from an unknown medical condition which has been giving her seizures.
Nderu who was best known for hosting The Trend now runs her own cooking channel dubbed ‘The Overdressed Cook.’
Taking to her social media to share the news of her ailment the damsel penned how the seizures left her with a fractured arm.

‘ I suffer from seizures occasionally.

Started this year in January, had four so far. My 2nd and 3rd one were so hectic during that I shattered my right arms humerus into four pieces which were put back together using a titanium plate by a Surgeon called Dr. Awori.

It’s been over a month now, the tear in the stitches scar is because my 4th seizure (the first one where I was alone) was so bad it tore it but it is all healed now.’

Nderu shared that despite going through several tests nothing conclusive had come out.

‘Already did all the tests necessary, they however cannot find a cause so I live with it now. Medicating daily and taking care of myself.

Still have not managed to resume normal arm function (I am right handed so my left hand has had to make up for all those years of free loading😄) but getting there❤️ I hope that answers any questions related to the injury.’

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She however sarcastically added that she feels like the world is just being mean.

‘I’ve always believed that everything happens for a reason (well 90% of the time😄 sometimes I think the universe is just being mean😄)
I believe everything is building up to something. The universe has a plan and is moving all the necessary pieces to steer you towards what your fate is.

I may have had my doubts before (that 10%) but in the last three weeks all I feel is gratitude and I am 100% sure now that sometimes if you constantly put out to the universe what you want and you do your part, you’ll get what you’ve been asking for at least majority of the time.’

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