Rose Muhando, the famed Tanzanian gospel star is back in the limelight again.

This time around she has a new song out titled Yesu Karibu Kwangu, which she is promoting on various media platforms

Speaking to Radio Citizens breakfast presenters, Rose Muhando revealed that the reason she had a breakdown a few years back was that she went through a traumatic experience with her manager.

Apparently, her manager wanted to involve her in various sexual activities that she, as a Christian, did not agree with nor condone.

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As a consequence, Muhando said the manager retaliated by claiming she is a drug addict who is into devil-worshipping.


Speaking to the presenters, she said, “Sikutaka kuwa mtumwa wa ngono, sitaki hata leo. Potelea mbali hata kama yeye alitaka kuchukua vitu vyangu, akaamua kunitengenezea scandal sababu nilimkataa, basi na iwe hivo lakini Mungu akibaki na mimi peke yake, basi inatosha maana yeye anajua hesabu za siku zangu.”

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Rose Muhando(I did not want to be a slave to sexual sin, to date, that is my stance. You can all get lost and take everything I own. They even created a massive scandal because I refused to be propositioned by them. God was still with me. he knows my end.)

The interview got soooooooo heated that an emotional Muhando said that she was kidnapped severally by the people she did not name and forced to take oaths.

All this was at gunpoint.

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Rose-MuhandoMuhando, however, did not mention what the oath was about and what their demands detailed.

“How many times have they kidnapped me and taken me to remote areas in the hills, sometimes in a forested area? They even held a gun to my head for me to accept their oaths. I cannot say what exactly the oaths were on the radio.”


Adding, “But I refused. I told them, I’m ready to die than be your slave in this way. I will not do your bidding.”

(Kwani mara ngapi nimechukuliwa nikapelekwa milimani? Nikapelekwa msituni nikawekewa bastola kichwani nikubaliane na kile ambacho sitaweza kulisema lakini nilikataa nikasema niko ready kufa lakini hata kwa dakika moja siwezi kubaliana na utumwa ambao walitaka kunitumikisha nao, siwezi!)

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