The sweet Anita Nderu has graced our screens and now is now blessing our ears back on radio but as a host. We cannot forget social media where she makes the single men and ladies feel like they do not belong in this our Nairobi.

Anita has shown us how much she has some serious love for her boyfriend Dj Sun Man and this Valentines, they had a good time and I must say I was very jealous! She posted such a sweet message explaining what she has been through when it comes to love.

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I love love and I don’t mind being corny AF where it is concerned. It’s my most vulnerable state, I love like the world is coming to an end, I have done the strangest and most incredible things for love, I am those people who get stupid when in love, the feeling of being in love is unlike any other emotion though! It’s the best emotion I have ever experienced ❤ I hope you felt all the love that the world had to offer yesterday, today and every day of your life ❤ I am grateful I got to be a part of spreading love yesterday

Anita Nderu and DJ boyfriend

Anita probably opened up more than she ever has in the past, in this post about love.

We wish her a happily ever after!