Kamene Goro

A Kenyan man who is allegedly suffering from cancer has made a dying plea to media personality Kamene Goro to grant him his ‘dying wish’.

The  ailing man reached out to the Kiss FM breakfast presenter on her social media.

His request below caught the damsel by surprise.

I was recently diagnosed with cancer, in 6 months I’ll b no more.

my dying wish is to lick your bu**hole, I know it will never happen but I just want you to know.

Kamene Goro

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Kamene shared the request with her fans asking them to help her to respond to the guy and the responses are rib-cracking.

Read them below.

Kamene Goro

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Another fan went on to add that sharing is caring but Kamene was quick to pose the question on how generous they think she is.


Just when you think you have read enough, another fan told Kamene that maybe by granting the man his request he will get well.

Kamene Goro screenshot


What do you think Kamene should do? Should she help a ‘dying’ man achieve his dying wish or should she leave his fate to God?

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