Peter Kigia
Secular Mugithi artiste Peter Kigia has said the death of De Mathew is a huge loss to him. He is not sure he will ever recover from, after John DeMathew – his BFF for over 30  years – died on Sunday.

DeMathew lost his life after his car rammed into the back of a lorry near Blue Post Hotel. Prior to that, he had spent the day with Peter Kigia and other guests.

His death was something we were not expecting. Its much easier when someone is sick but he was not. I have been very affected as he was my very best friend.

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Kigia says he visited DeMathews family the next day to condole with them and support them during this difficult time.

‘I visited his family immediately after his death. We planned how the meetings will be held, One will be in Blue Springs, another in Metro Club, the other two will be at his wives places namely Thika and Gatanga.

Kigia added,

He was my best friend and my colleague. We have been friends since 1982 and we have worked together for so long in harmony. We have helped each other in so many ways. I always feel that my functions are incomplete  without him and his events were complete without me so I have lost a great friend. I do not think I will ever  find such a friend like DeMathew.’

Kigia went on to say that having been friends for more than three decades had only made their friendship stronger.

‘Every time I was planning something I would ask for his opinion and he would do the same with me.’

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Evans Mburu, brother to DeMathew praised his late brother for supporting his siblings when their parents died.

‘John has enabled my siblings and I reach where we are. He really supported us after our parents death.’

Demathew’s second wife Caroline Waithera also expressed her shock at the sudden death of her husband stating that no one will ever replace him.

‘No one can replace John ,I am still in shock,’ She said.

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