Popular East FM presenter Vikash Pattni warmed the hearts of many when he offered a helping hand to a Nairobi man who was looking for a job with a placard along Gigiri Avenue.

The photo of the man, now identified as Wilfred Japhet, an out of work chauffeur, went viral after he was photographed with a placard reading,

“Looking for a job, Chauffer, driver.” and shared his phone number.”

Speaking to Vikash on phone, Japhet said, “I’m a fan of your show I love your music very much. I have been listening to East FM for the last 5 years.”

East FM’S Vikash Pattni

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“People ask me why I listen to an Indian radio station, I tell them, ‘Come on! it is the same way you can listen to the Kikuyu and Kamba radio station.’.”

Vikash explained why he had called him,

“I’m calling to check up on you. A friend of mine posted a picture of you holding the board as you look for a job as a chauffeur. And I felt really proud of you for taking that step first of all. I feel like you have two great qualities. One is confidence and the other is a lot of humility I’m really proud of you that you have taken up this step.”

Asked if he has found any potential employers, Japhet said,

“Not yet. This is my 3rd day today standing at Gigiri Avenue. I haven’t gotten something solid.”

Asked how he would encourage future employers to trust him with their cars.

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He responded,

“I have  experience of driving for 20 years. my profile and the people I have worked with can vouch for me. I have worked with various NGOs. It is all about professionalism and when you call my referees that is how you can know.”

Vikash told him, “Unfortunately, I don’t have a job for you but I want to sort you out by buying your dinner.”

Japhet told Vikash that he had his own hustle where he ran a self-drive business but his car was auctioned and now he is back to zero.

“I have been doing self-service and my car was auctioned five months ago. I have done this before (stand with a placard asking for work) in 1997 and I got a job with an NGO”

Japhet is back to searching for a job at the same spot, he is cautiously optimistic that he will get an employer willing to hire him.

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