KTN journalist Dennis Onsarigo is currently in hospital after surviving a near death accident with a truck.

The investigative TV journalist who was cycling on Saturday evening said the truck would have crushed him.

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What happened was “a truck left the main road on to my path wanting to overlap
I decide let me outpace it because it will leave dust on me.. step on the peddle, look over my shoulder and the truck has now increased pace; step on the pedal again and the truck driver impatient now honks… glancing back for a third time…The truck is literally inches of “breathing” from me.. I turn my head before I can leave the bicycle path, I lose control of the beast…push over, I land head first – thank God I had a helmet…

Dennis added,”… then my shoulder, the landing force tosses me just a yard from the truck
Screams from other motorists, the screeching slamming on brakes and now lost in dust, I can hear my own breathing…I try lifting myself up, I can’t. A sharp pain on my collar bone, tells me I have fractured something.”

Dennis Onsarigo continued, “As I was wheeled into the operating room for a six hour operation it hit me; life is short .. when the surgeons dimmed the lights out of my life, I had died for six hours… what if I never returned? Lucky to be alive; time I figured what this accident means.”

He could not believe it. He added, “I survived a truck crashing me.. it was a touching distance from where I lay.”

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The media personality is celebrating the providence of the most high.

“The previous night a colleague had told me not to go riding after I told them I wasn’t sure about riding on that road… that morning, I bought a new helmet and said a prayer .. something I rarely do when going biking.”