In her latest interview with Parents, Magazine Kambua has opened up on how she had become ‘obsessed’ with tracking her ovulation days.

Conceiving in women occurs when a woman is ovulating and one-way Kambua wanted to be sure is by keeping tabs.

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During the interview she said

‘One day after the Rauka show, still feeling a little under the weather.

I started thinking of the possibility of being pregnant because I had stopped keeping track of my ovulation days a few months earlier as it had gotten to a point where I had become so obsessed and it was emotionally draining.

I figured it wouldn’t hurt to take a test,” added Kambua.

Kambua had taken all manner of tests to check whether her tubes were blocked and if her eggs were viable and nothing showed.

The doctors told them to keep trying,

“There is a lot of vagueness in the whole process if you don’t get information from an actual expert.

I did all tests that were recommended checking whether all my tubes were blocked or if the eggs were viable and nothing came up. We were simply told to keep trying,” said Kambua.

After sharing her story with Parents magazine, Kambua who is married to Jackson Mathu has taken to her social media to encourage women yet to conceive.

‘My husband was hurt when I was criticized for not having a child, Kambua narrates

When the world was celebrating world women’s day, she wrote,

‘To every woman wondering why we’re celebrating today; anyone who’s spirit is down in the pits, please remember this: the enemy hasn’t taken anything from you, that God cannot restore.

I’ll say that again.

The enemy hasn’t taken ANYTHING from you that God cannot RESTORE. Happy International Women’s Day! 💛’

Like they say ‘When God decides to bless you, no man can curse you.”

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