Ezra Chiloba

We are not yet done with Chilobae now, are we?

After Nairobi women threw their innerwear’s at him and exhibited their thirst shamelessly online, The IEBC boss had to calm them down.

In an interview with Jackson Biko from Business Daily, Chiloba came out to finally talk about how he feels about all this Chilobae talk.

He confesses that he had never even received a glance for the last two and a half years he has been in town up until the election period. For him he says, he is not out to seek for fame and that this is just a brief national infatuation which will come to pass.

When asked about how his family is dealing with him trending as the Kenyan ladies ‘bae’, he said:

I don’t know. My son is two and my daughter is eight so I don’t think they understand this. That leaves my wife… Of course she reads these things but I don’t know how she takes them

With him being ‘bae’, Kenyans and their amazing creativity went on to give him the nickname, ‘Chilobae’. He was asked if he likes the name kichini ya maji and he said he has always been Chilobae.


He said:

Oh boy. Can I tell you something? Do you know what my private e-mail address has always been? It’s Chiloba with an ‘e’ at the end. So I guess I have always been Chilobae.

The rumours about him being related to the Kenyattas was also something that was trending. The rumour was that his wife is from the Kenyatta family. He answered Bikos saying that:

 Well, as much as it might be flattering it’s not true. I have no relations with the Kenyattas. You know when I was appointed, they said I was appointed because of Jomo Gecaga, a guy I’ve never met in my life. When the ballot paper thing came up, they said oh, it was Chiloba and Muhoho who fixed this stuff. Never met these guys in my life! Never met the president one-on-one.

From the interview, you could tell that most of the things going round on social media about him were just hilarious. He talked about the picture that was going round of him and his supposed wife saying that it was a picture from a wedding he was a best man and the lady was the best lady, a wife to an MP.

When asked if would preside over another general election, for him as much as he likes challenges, he is not a fan of monotony and so that has gone.

After all his hard work, he said he wants to take a holiday, spend time with family, go back to doing what I used to do with friends I still have.

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