Zari Hassan decided to open up to the world, on her life and successes.

The talk behind her back is always that she is a gold digger. According to the rumors, Zari took advantage of the fact that Ivan was rich and that is why she accepted the marriage proposal.

Well, in an interview with True Love Magazine, she opened up saying, when she met Ivan, they had nothing but they built the empire together. This was after a picture made rounds of her and Ivan holding their fast born and they did not look rich and wealthy.

Zari and Ivan in the past
Zari and Ivan in the past

“that was our life right there but with hard work and persistence, we made it. I never found him rich. In fact, by the look of that picture, you would wonder if it was really him.”

What was her definition of success when she was young?

Well, Zari says she thought it was all about money and power. But now that she is all grown up with children, she has come to realize, success is personal.


“I grew up thinking money and power was success but today my definition is far from my thoughts back then. Success is a very personal thing.”

By that she means, what one person thinks is success to them has already been done and the other person feels success is something bigger and it goes on and on. It can not have a measure.

“what drives one entrepreneur may be radically different from another and understanding how others measure success can help you better understand your own definition of what success means


According to Zari, success means achieving set goals. It is that feeling of satisfaction that you did something big or small and reached the goal. It is also that inner happiness that comes when you have found your own place in the world and are moving in the right direction.

Despite the fact that she is termed successful, she has experienced her failures but that has never been an obstacle.

“failure means falling 99 times and getting up the 100th time you get it right. it is not an overnight thing as often portrayed on social media.”

Zari at B-club

The worst part about success on social media is, it gives young people the wrong perspective. Zari says social media portrays success as something you just grasp yet people actually work for it.

“we are living in a fast paced world where social media has become a bug, some kind of virus that bites you and things change. social media is a disease so don’t let it get to you.”

Social media is a lie. The reality is that most of those Instagram chics, live a cheap life then post pictures around champagne bottles that have been bought for by sponsors. This really saddens Zari.

‘She taught me to stand tall in what you believe in’ Zari Hassan emotionally opens up about her mother


“some people live a cheap life but post champagne lifestyle which makes these girls in school think life comes that easy because you have a sponsor or blesser. its a lie finish your studies first and see how God will bless you.”

So with all those tips, Zari says that she used to look up to her hardworking mother. Her mother, Halima Hassan used to work on her curtain and dress orders all day and night so that she can feed her family.

Sadly her mother passed on but Zari still finds inspiration in her mother but largely herself. When it comes to her children and family, they get her out there to do nothing but her best.

“my inspiraton comes from within. i am the type of person that wants the best for myself and kids and my family and that alone is enough to get me out there and do my best.

Zari is not sorry for posting her personal life on social media because it is an inspiration to many. Other than that, she actually creates a network from social media. She actually said that most of her business gigs are from social media.

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