Jeff Koinange

Jeff Koiange is a cool dad. Over the weekend he took his son and two friends to Chaka Ranch, where they bonded and engaged in a lot of activities.

Jeff Koinage

While paintballing at the ranch, Jeff was shot in the head.

PAINT-BALL….The ultimate EQUALIZER for a Fun Family Weekend and Team Building session…I got shot in the Head by a 10 Year Old…OUCH!! Come and experiance pure Bliss this Holiday Season,’ he posted on Ig accompanied by the pics below.

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During a side chat with his co-host Victoria Rubadiri on Sunday night, Jeff Koinange revealed that he almost knocked down kids while driving back to Nairobi.

He was forced to make an emergency stop after he saw a group of kids by the roadside who were trying to cross the road.

We just drove back from Chaka Ranch, my goodness. I was driving as well as I could but you know at some point, kids cross the road. And you know, when there is a bunch of kids and one crosses (the road), then the rest follow absolutely.

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