Award-winning gospel singer, Bahati has been trending since Saturday. The Mama hit singer left Kenyans shocked after “unseating” President Uhuru Kenyatta during the Jubilee Party launch in Kasarani last Saturday. Bahati sat on the “powerful” seat for a few seconds while performing his song Mama which left many mesmerized.

But to viewers, this meant something different. Bahati’s act during his performance ignited various reactions amongst social media users, both positive and negative.

“Yaani huyu mtoto anaitwa Bahati amekalia kiti ya Rais kabla ya Baba?…. hii ni laana he heeeee ??”

This comment went viral with many saying it was somehow meant to mock the former Prime Minister Raila who has never sat on the presidency despite ‘fighting’ for the top seat. Some defended Bahati saying it was part of his performance but according to critics, Mtoto wa Mama was disrespectful.

“Haha hii dunia kuna watu kweli ….I expect Uhuru himself to say that Bahati did wrong for waking him up n sit on his seat (Bahati) but watu wengine ndio wana complain aii that’s jealousy,” commented Mutai.

Gospel Singer Bahati Accused Of DISRESPECTING President Uhuru Kenyatta

“When kenyan youths put in extra-ordinary effort,through hardwork,wanaambiwa TABIA MBAYA…When we sit back and relax we are told,YOU LAZY YOUTHS..
#BAHATI,you did it extraordinarily well…you just proved that indeed we gona one day stand tall and be characters worth admiration just as you are…!!!THUMBS UP KING..well done Mr….” read Valentine’s comment

“I think this kid boy just got it wrong . You don’t act like that to a President. He always uses his situation as an orphan for personal gains and praise. He seeks limelight in a perverse and clandestine manner. Blaming emotions for stupid actions just portrays how immature someone is. As a figure in society, you should be able to control your emotions . You are just weak if you can’t control your emotions,” wrote disgruntled Kiarie.

Well, Bahati has come out to apologise to “haters” who think he disrespected the president of the Republic of Kenya and below is what he had to say;

“The truth is I got really emotional and whatever I did could have gone out of hand. I truly love the President and I was only acting like a child would with a father. I am truly sorry to the President and all Kenyans who felt I did something wrong.”

Source: SDE

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