Stacy Engoke well known as Pendo is one socialite that has made her name relevant over negative publicity.

Mpasho got Pendo to speak out weeks after being nastily dumped like hot garbage by ex boyfriend and socialite Luwi Capello. Pendo, who turns out to be a singer said that she was dumped for her bloody unfaithfulness to the hot lad.

“He was just looking for an excuse to let me go…He went through my phone, I’m a chic and I get hitted on every single day of my life…I’m not ugly, I’m hot. So yeah, he dumped me. “

Pendo further added that during the relationship, she had a filthy rich sponsor and Luwi was just but a boytoy. Now that Luwi is not being used as a Ben 10 by this socialite, she went on to tell Mpasho that she now has a sex device to help her please herself.

TABIA GANI HIZI! Prominent Lawyer Exposes Socialite Pendo For Refusing To Pay For Ordered Sex Toys (SCREENSHOTS)


Well, pendo ordered a dildo which she never paid and later was exposed by an advocate. Revealing why she never paid for the sex toy, Pendo said;

“I didn’t pay for the dildo because I could not send M-Pesa on air. I was on the plane, by the time I landed, the chick had already decided to tell the world that Pendo owes her money.I’m not paying even a dime. I’m sure people didn’t know she sells vibrators and dildos and now she is making money from my branding. But she saw the best way is to put my photo and phone number on social media.”

She continued to say;

“If we go to court, I will not pay anything because of defamation of character. Business is not handled that way. In fact, she is the one supposed to pay me. I’m not going to sue her, si ametengeneza business yake. Atafute mtu mwingine basi.”

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Here is an exclusive interview Mpasho had with Pendo, further talking about her fight with Noti Flow;