Ben Breakdown

A Kenyan  Kikuyu gospel artiste known as Breakdown Ben has narrated how he got divorced after 21 days. Even during his honeymoon, he did not get to enjoy his bride.

It was only later that he discovered that his wife had been pregnant for someone else even before they wedded.

Speaking during an interview on Diaspora TV, Ben said

‘I met my ex-wife in 2008.

Her name was Carol and we dated for an year and during the final stages we were to get tested for HIV and pregnancy but she refused to.

At the time I did not understand why she refused, I got tested and took my tests to the church. My wife to be then did not get tested.’

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Breakdown Ben

On our wedding day, I would hold her hands and she would release them, she did not want photos during or wedding.

During the reception she was also not excited but I did not understand why.’

Ben added,

‘The first day of our honeymoon, she said she had a headache, the second day she said she had a tummy ache.

Everyday of the week she had an excuse.

The honeymoon was a whole week but she did not accept to get intimate with me. I pleaded but she refused.

She became so rude, she would ask me to wash or do everything for myself. I knew I had messed up.’

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Not only did she become rude but she would become physical.

‘When we went back home I cooked, on the second day I washed our clothes because she still said she was still not OK.

She gave me so many conditions, I even started developing ulcers trying to figure out what had happened to our marriage.’

What Ben did not know is that his marriage was already doomed.

‘One day she told me she was going for a birthday, I asked her to accompany me to church but she said she could not.

She was daring enough to ask if there was anywhere written down that she was supposed to accompany me to church.

I then told her if she went for that party, let her not come back home.

Shen  responded it’s what she had been waiting for.’

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It was a year later that Ben learnt the whole truth.

‘After a year, a relative of hers told me I had done something good by dumping her as she was pregnant for someone else.

When she left our home she went and terminated it. That is why she refused to go for testing before the wedding happened.

I told God thanks for saving me.’

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