Wachira gay

A London-based Kenyan gay Wachira is nursing serious injuries after he was attacked by a group of people are Kenyans.

I got attacked by fellow Kenyans in London for being Gay. Now headed to the hospital #staysafe, he tweeted accompanied by the photos below.

Wachira gay


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Kenyans trolled Wachira while others offered support to him, wishing him a quick recovery.

Mureithi I’m just curious, how did you know they were Kenyans? Ama walikuita ‘Shoga’

Laylajontez Love is love and people should respect one’s Sexuality. Gay have rights too and no one is perfect. Quick recovery

EyeCon Ukisema gay also indicate kama wee ndio hupokea doshi ama wee upeana, coz it will be very wrong for people to lay hands on a woman

CarltoKitheka Pole sana bro. Hope you get justice

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Wangwe So sorry Wachira.

Lennox Chesoni Kama you not gay and si wewe unafunguliwa nyuma,, why care about someone else sexuality🤷🤷 how is it affecting you? Wish we could do that to corrupt politicians,, that affects our economy.

Warmfruit I’m so sorry this happened to you. You are derserving of love and acceptance. You have a community of people who support you and accept you.

Ken Opalo I’m so sorry to hear this. Get well soon. May we one day live in a world without this kind of ignorance and bigotry.

Maggy Matolo Sending love to you. I am an imperfect human being hence I have no moral authority to cast a stone on anyone’s way of life. You deserve love from wherever you get it.
Yummy Mummy Goodness babe so sorry jamani😫😫💔😭

Muthoni Drummer Queen I’m sorry for this. I sincerely hope they get arrested. I’m very sorry for this experience

Davrian Bose Tell the full story. Did they just decide that they are attacking you for being different or is there more to it at that particular time?

Zippoglisia Noooo, I am so sorry. I hope they got arrested and punished. Quick recovery 💔😢

Dr Njoki Ngumi Recovery and healing to you. 🌹🌹🌹
May your cowardly attackers meet every single thing their bigotry deserves.

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