Janet Mbugua’s brother, Kevin has opened up about his plan to commit suicide.

In the premiere episode of Janet’s news show, Here & Now which focussed on mental health, Kevin revealed how he contemplated suicide.

“I was taking a train from Mombasa to Nairobi and it was during that ride that I decided I was going to end my life,” he told Janet in a candid conversation.

He recalled how he pulled down the window and started throwing out his belongings one by one, emptying his suitcases in the process.

“By the time I was getting to Nairobi, I didn’t even have a suitcase. I remember walking into shops and looking for something that was corrosive or poisonous enough that would do that job,” he added.

When in the hardware store and looking at the toxic bottles is when Kevin realised that he wasn’t okay.

“That is when I called my mother and father and everybody in the family rallied behind me,” he stated.

Kevin noted that suicide was not a healthy option, “It is a sign that you’ve reached the maximum of a certain phase of your life and because you don’t know what the next phase of your life is supposed to be, your first instinct is to feel like your life is over.

“But actually it is only the phase that is over and you should take it as a sign that you are about to evolve,” he explained.

Watch the entire interview below…