Frankie Justgymit

Frankie Kiarie aka Frankie Justgymit has finally addressed rumours that he’s a deadbeat father.

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Responding to one of the most asked questions by one of his followers if it’s true he’s a deadbeat father, Frankie via his YouTube channel said,

Each week I send money for my children’s upkeep. I send Sh6,000 and personally I spend like Sh2,500. I pay Sh150,000 for my son’s school fees per semester at Montessori. My mum helps me with a percentage of that.

He added,

My children have always had two nannies until recently and I was paying both of them. My baby mama and I had an agreement on how we going to be splitting nannies salary, I pay a specific amount, and then she tops up and that’s what we’ve been doing for the past year.

He continued,

I really don’t see where the part of the deadbeat dad comes in based on that explanation. Yesterday (Saturday, June 11) I ACTUALLY Paid for online classes on zoom. I want to ask you guys to really think hard about what a deadbeat dad means because I take care of my kids at all times.

Frankie, who’s currently dating lawyer Corazon Kwamboka, who’s heavily pregnant with their first child revealed that he and Maureen were not married but engaged.

Frankie and Kwamboka
Heavily pregnant Kwamboka and her baby daddy

He explained how they tried seeking the help of their pastor to salvage their marriage but it didn’t work.

Frankie and Maureen

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Asked if he pays rent, he said,

When we were together in 2016, we were living in Ruaka and had a really good house where we stayed for four years. During our son’s (firstborn) first birthday I proposed to Maureen and it got to a point the landlady decided to increase the rent and used to complain to my mum about that. She told me ‘This is your family right now and I never want to hear you complain about rent again’ and I was like okay. AND she said, ‘my house in Westlands I want to give it to you as a gift an engagement gift. The people who were living there have moved out and was thinking of renting it out but since I’ve seen you’ve become a man and you gonna have a family I wanna pass that house to you…’

The fitness trainer added that,

That’s where my children stay. Personally I’m not a malicious person. Right now my goal is to create a conducive environment for my children to grow up in. The house is close to school and it makes it easier for me to visit them.

Frankie went ahead to narrate how his second child walked his first steps after the breakup.

He said his greatest fear was that his kids would forget him after not seeing them for three weeks during the breakup. Frankie got emotional and shed tears while speaking about his first hangout with the kids after he and Maureen parted ways.

Frankie Justgymit
Frankie Justgymit breaks down talking about his children with Maureen

Kenyans reacted to Frankie’s video with many applauding him for everything he has done for his children. Comments include;

Wendy Darian  Nothing beats a man who loves and provides for his children no matter the situation! Whoever said dead beat who are you because men outchea be clowning their baby mommas and don’t provide for any single damn thing! Kudos Frankie keep doing you and setting the pace for men out there.

Peggy Juma This should have been a red table talk

Janepher Khisa So this boy is not a bad person as people are trying to portray him

lucille achieng This guy, mad respect he’s actually “not trying” he’s literally doing the most. whose chopping onions with me … Moral of the story ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’

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Leon Muigai Society always paints the man as the bad one, comes up with terms such a deadbeat. I broke up with my ex-wife, I foot her bills pay child support, but she still manages to convince others how deadbeat I am. It’s curse we have to learn to live with as men.

Kirima Doreen Not many men can give up their houses/homes for the sake of the kids..
May you find peace and be happy with whoever makes you happy🌹

Pascalia Bigogo Woow…I really wonder why people were judging this guy…he’s really a nice guy

Rose Kendra Wooooow Social Media though….this Guy is nothing close to what Social Media has been Portraying him…..totally different person. Thank for this Video and Letting us Know you for the real you …you are.I wish you Guys the Best❤❤❤❤❤

Prudence Senerwa How Frankie has a whole smile talking about his kids is a whole mood and I can say he is genuine Not all Fathers are dads

Carol M And he has given her a home… Things that we are never told so as to respect the other person. Maureen aki renovate that house, she didn’t even think to tell us it belonged to Frankie through the parents… Women we need to shape up, this other gender is really trying.

Ann Mwihki I’m a single mum and I can actually say ur great man, Maureen should respect ur decision for now, ur thea for ur kids much respect, some of were left by our baby dad and they never ask what he eat or how he school and whenever sees the kid wants to take a picture, nilikua nimekujudge but nimekuvulia kofia