Akothee never has a day that doesn’t invite drama. Never, drama seeks her out. I will never understand how she questions the fact that her fans take Panadol for her headache.

You cannot help but do so. A dose of Madam Boss can only be tolerated by popping a pain killer.


She is someone we can talk about all day, I mean her life, our entertainment. So she has been on our mouths this week about her recent baby daddy drama and we all sobbed with her.

That aside, she stepped out to an event early this week half naked, I mean we could see so much more of what her children once called food.

So she was trolled and people told her to get some clothes on and if we do know who Akothee really is, she had a comeback.

Kweli ni International baby mama! Akothee and manager/lover expecting baby number 6?

She posted on social media a picture of her not even half but three quarter naked with the caption: I get paid to walk naked

Akothee Award

The haters were silenced so fast and loud we were not even ready.

Akothee was basically telling you she advertises for people their amazing wear, and for that, she gets to bag some coins.


The message here was basically, find what you love (for her being naked) and earn from it!

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