Akothee with mzungu baby-daddy
Akothee with mzungu baby daddy

Kenya’s richest singer Akothee is a proud mother of five. Her firstborn daughter Vesha completed her tertiary studies at Strathmore University, awaiting graduation.

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The Sweet Love hit maker has penned a message to Vesha comparing her daughters life with hers. The controversial singer revealed that she got her first child at the age of 14.

I gave birth at the age of 14 I have no degree, but 5 birth certificates. I was a disgrace to my parents💃💃, but now none of my children is a disgrace to me, father Lord first degree done, I am a proud pretty momma of 5 💃💃💃🤸🤸🤸

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Akothee’s second-born daughter Rue Baby is celebrating her birthday today and she wished her nothing but the best in life.

Another great year ahead of you my darling,❤ your aggressiveness towards life is incomparable,🙆‍♂️ you give me easy time because I know you know what you want in life, I love you so much. Now know that I am the only woman behind you, even when they say you can’t, I believe, yes you always can💪, you were born a star! 🤝 so shine my love. In this world, there is only one way to live, take your challenges as learning lessons, take your failures as experiences, always be ready to take A no as an answer! All or maybe 3/4 of what you see on social media, is not what is on the ground! The ground is me, your mother, the life you see me live off cameras and on cameras is the real deal! Never get pressure of how other people live their lives🤲 yours is much better when you embrace it, never compete with anyone, compete with The @rue.baby yesterday 🙏🏾, never please anyone , you will end up being displeased, you can’t make everyone happy (,you are not icecream). Learn to live with selfish, jealous people,just avoid them 💪, anyone that never appreciates any little thing you do, is negative energy, never allow those bitter friends who complain about everything ruin your happiness. Learn to take critics from social media and blogs with a positive approach 💪some will build you, some will try to break you, but just know
Success attracts all kinds of envy and malice 🙏🏾🙏🏾, I am proud to be your mother. You can always count on me. I am here to stay and the only woman who is happy to see you put on gold,as she put on silver, it’s all blessings.You have my blessings, ALL THE BEST SUPER MODEL @Rue.baby HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DARLINGS.

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