Kiss 100 radio presenter Chito Ndhlovu has shared how an ex girlfriend once left him traumatized after he found her holding a knife over him.

According to him, it’s something he never expected as the woman was very beautiful.

Sharing his experience with Jalango on the morning Kiss, Chito said

There is a woman I had dated for almost two years.

So one night she called and said she wanted to come over,nikasema sawa. Upon arriving she found me chopping onions as I was getting ready to cook.

She asked to help even when I insisted I would cook so finally I let her.

My kitchen was on the left side and as am watching the TV  I felt a presence on my left and when I looked and saw her with a knife pointing at me.’

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Chito added

‘She stood there looking at me for 20 seconds while pointing the knife at me.

The lady then snapped out of her state and was like ‘ooh nilikua nakata nyanya’ and went back to the kitchen and prepared a meal.

We sat down to eat but I was a very scared man.

The moment we finished eating I created an excuse of how I had a busy day awaiting and offered to take her home.

just took her home.I was brought up well and I could not beat her, At that moment the way I was brought up and the situation really conflicted ‘

Luckily Chito moved past that and is now happily married.

What’s the worst thing a girlfriend/boyfriend has ever done to you?

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